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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pakistani civilians are innocent

By Ojas Purandare
16 Hours Ago on Facebook.

I would not blame the civilians of Pakistan. They are probably just a replica of any other society. Look at the Pakistani junta, they blame Americans for this. Of course I'm sure they would understand it is not the whole of America that needs to blamed but a few minds that orchestrate this. Similarly there are a group of people in Pakistan, and specifically they are Pakistani nationals.The point made earlier was true that more than Kashmir, these Pakistani groups cannot bear the economic prosperity in India. Another thing, Pakistan itself has always had an identity crisis. It claims to be a democracy, but it has never been. Both sides of the border, the politicians are the biggest terrorists than those youngsters who fired aimlessly in Mumbai.
Few points*
  • I would ask my Pakistani contemporaries, India and Pakistan are normally terror prone nations, but why is that the west and all other nations find India safer than Pakistan?*
  • Why is that cricket teams more or less always refuse to tour Pakistan, but on most of the time readily tour India?*
  • Why is that after repeated hardcore evidences sent to Pakistan that Dawood Ibrahim stays in Karachi, Pakistan is not ready to cooperate? Why can't it sign an extradition treaty with India?

Pakistan just claims to cooperate, but has never done that.Pakistan more or less has never had a national goal of prosperity, With all the levels of corruption in India, India is where it is , Pakistan is unfortunately no where. Your politicians are your real enemies not India. Your army is one of those who never follow international protocols of war, rape innocent women brutally torture captives. India has always gracefully captured and sent all the captives back to you time and again from the Wagah Border.The whole world knows where the terrorist camps are , but neither the govt of Pakistan is doing anything neither they are letting anyone else do it. The people of Pakistan may argue that Indians dnt like us and hence all these accusations, but unfortunately the whole world equates Pakistan with terror. Who all are you going to silence? The youth of Pakistan is an answer to this, I still believe this generation needs to take over Pakistan and make it prove itself as a nation. Otherwise the day is not far away that Pakistan too will be declared as a terrorist state.My comments are based on my own views, to all the Pakistani nationals, I lost a dear friend in the blast. Today I hate the Pak military, their politicians. but I do not hate the people.

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