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Friday, November 28, 2008

Why Mumbai???

Published: November 29, 2008

The Only reason Pak does this to India time and again is coz it is jealous of our country's progress. India's economy has been booming to great levels. These attacks lead to distrupting the economy.The stock market was closed yesterday!! Mumbai is the financial capital of india, they think if they can destroy Mumbai, they wld be able to take into hands all of India. But, they shld fkin digest the fact that their country CANT, AND WILL NEVER reach the heights India has.

I think Kashmir has never been a issue in their minds.They care a f*** about Kashmir, we should give them Kashmir just as a 'trial' and see if they keep their mouths shut after that. I have a feeling THEY WON'T STILL...jst coz the reason that they cant see India progressing. India and pakistan divided at the same time. Look where India is now and where Pakistan is.

I personally an not pissed at Islam. People should not stereotype a religion based on only a few who create terror and actually belong to the religion.Its not Islam, IT'S PAKISTAN that is the problem for us; problem for the whole world (except for China, because China thrives on such opportunities laid out against India, as India is a potential threat to China economy-wise).
Honestly, IT IS HIGH TIME NOW, PAKISTAN NEEDS TO LEARN A LESSON! they cant fuking mess with our country and stay safe. Im not saying we must wage war against its sovereignty, or go nuke Pakistan. BUT ERADICATE THESE MOTHERFUCKING CUNTMUSCLE TERRORISTS!
They need to be killed and packaged to hell from where they never shall get reincarnated!!! as I am sure even Prophet Muhammad would never forgive them.

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