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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lessons Learnt?

By Balvinder Singh
On Shobhaa De blog

Don't Bounce Back to normalcy please.In the Army, after every battle or even after simulation of a battle, a session is held that is called "Lessons Learnt". The aim of the exercise is to do an introspection on the operation and bring out the weaknesses that led to the situation and also to correct the mistakes done during the operation itself. Our country has come out victorious out of a battle today. Before slipping into congratulatory mood for too long, we have to get into the "Lessons Learnt" mode first. Let me enumerate a few of the lessons which i think we should have learnt out of this exercise which has certainly given us a bloody nose.

1. Instead of fuming at foreign hand involved in the terrorist operations we should concentrate on strengthening our security mechanism. The nature has given defence system to every object. An insect has its sting which it activates when in danger. The beautiful rose has thorns. Even birds are careful enough and look around ten times for any danger before approaching a food item that has been laid out for them to eat. As far as the human being is concerned, his security system goes right back to the stone or the cave age. He would in addition to having arms and ammunition for his safety, invariably keep a big boulder on the door of the cave to prevent any wild animal from entering and eating up his family.

2.We have our intelligence agencies, our boarder security, our coast guards and other para military forces who are responsible for keeping an eye on our land and maritime boarders in the peace time. Smugglers cross the boarders of our country with impunity, carrying drugs and other contra bands, after bribing the forces which are meant to keep a check on them. So if contra bands can be smuggled , then why not arms and explosives.

3. Further, our police and security system bows to the VIP culture that we have in our country. Flaunting the beacon lights on the car and a group of security or protocol personnel walking behind a VIP has become status symbol rather than necessity .

4. More than half the strength of the police force of a city is busy looking after the security of the VIPs instead of taking care of the same for the common citizen.

5. At the five star hotel gate, a guest will feel insulted if the tall durwan with turban and moustaches does not salute him/her and more so if a security fellow asks for searching the body and the baggage of the guest.

6. At the air ports the VIPs throw tantrums if subjected to security checks.

7. Even a common citizen cares a hoot if he/she notices an unattended object or a suspicious person loitering around.

8. Whenever a security gadget is installed at an office or a public place, the first reaction of the common man is how to by pass the same.

9. Mobile SIM cards are distributed by the service providers without much verification of antecedents of the customer.

10. The land lords don't bother to verify the correct particulars of the tenants. Same goes when contract employees are recruited by companies without getting any police verification done for them.

11. And last but not the least our vote and note hungry politicians are busy washing their dirty linen in public instead of concentrating at real issues staring in face of the country's security.And I will hate to read the headlines in the papers tomorrow that Mumbai bounces back to normalcy. Normalcy in our country will mean all that I have mentioned above. We have to deal with times abnormally. Our country is on the path of unprecedented economic progress and that is not liked by every one around us in the world. So please, please tread cautiously. And don't be in a hurry to bounce back to normalcy.

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